Comparisons in the Cloud

by Jon_B in

The lovely people over at WorkShare pointed me in the direction of their WorkShare Online last year.

The premise is pretty simple. Most lawyers will have used the Deltaview document comparison system or at least seen what it produces.

With WorkShare Online you can do the same thing in the cloud. Just upload your original MS Word document and the revised version and hit the "Compare" button. Click on the thumbnails below for the full screen shots.

The two documents are compared for changes and you can download the resulting comparison in PDF format. The screenshot below is a quick test I ran for this post, but it works just as you would expect on more complex documents.

So far this probably falls into the category of clever and useful, but not earth shattering. However, I understand from WorkShare that at some stage this will be available on the iPad (at the moment Mobile Safari doesn't let you upload documents so I guess a native app would be needed?).

Given that MS Word tracked changes are a bit of a problem on the iPad, shifting the document comparison legwork into the cloud seems like it could be a good solution.

If you fancy trying it out you can sign up for the beta here.